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Privateer Media provides professional armoury services for film and television production work. In addition to the unique collection of museum quality reproductions that we own, Privateer Media can fabricate a variety of custom ordnance pieces, parts and accessories. We have provided both blank and live-fire work for visual and sound effects, and we stand by our 100% safety record.

Privateer Media, LLC ~ Armoury

Our shop is always producing unique and diverse pieces. And while naval ordnance is our specialty, we also provide field & garrison artillery, long arms, pistols and blade weapons and are expanding to include modern custom armoury services.

Privateer Media, LLC ~ Armoury

And like our historical boats, Privateer Media represents an impressive collection of full-scale 18th and early 19th century functional artillery pieces. Located throughout the eastern United States, these guns can be made available for film and production work.

Naval Artillery Live Fire ~ Privateer Media Galloper Cannon Live Fire ~ Privateer Media, LLC


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